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Moon signs represent the more impressionistic side and the inner feelings and emotions portraying us from within. It indicates how we express our nurturing instinct and the style of immediate emotional feeling and our responses to experiences. With an altogether mysterious side, moon signs show our hidden aspects.

The Moon goes through all the zodiac within its 28 day cycle and enters a new zodiac sign approximately every 2 1/2 days. The position of the transiting moon (the moon's current position) helps determine the general moods of people. The moon signs positions greatly influence the outcomes of events involving human interactions. When the Moon is in a certain zodiac the characteristics of that zodiac sign color the moon's expression.

The moon rules over issues related to family and interaction among family members, social gatherings and general proceedings in the home environment. All the above incidents are greatly affected by the moon signs position. The moon sign when taken in combination with the Sun sign tells about a person and is an essential part of learning about yourself.

Original God A Simple Explanation of the Moon Phases
The phases of the moon are caused by the relative positions of the earth, sun, and moon. The moon goes around the earth, on average, in 27 days 7 hours 43 minutes.

The sun always illuminates the half of the moon facing the sun (except during lunar eclipses) when the moon passes through the earth's shadow. When the sun and moon are on opposite sides of the earth, the moon appears full to us as if a bright round disk. When the moon is between the earth and the sun it appears dark, a 'new moon'. In between, the moon's illuminated surface appears to grow (wax) to full, then decreases (wanes) to the next new moon.

The edge of the shadow (called the terminator) is always curved 'being an oblique view of a circle' giving the moon its familiar crescent shape. Because the horns of the moon at the ends of the crescent are always facing away from the setting or rising sun they will always point upward in the sky.

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