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The Fledgling Home
The Fledgling - Chapter Seven


The Fledgling
The Living God is not equal in stature or power to Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom. The Living God is an instrument of creation. He is the commonality that binds you; the foundation on which reality is based. Your reality is tethered to him, and you are tethered to his reality. He means "Everything" to you, for without him, you would have Nothing.

I have shown you how to recognize new signs through music and the literal interpretation of reality; I have taught you about the Powers who stand above all others, and I have introduced you to that which has been hidden from you. You now know something about the knowledge and power of a Living God. You have gained some insight into who and what a Living God is; what he can do, and what he cannot do for you. Be mindful of those things that the Gods cannot do for you, for these things you must do for yourselves.

I have revealed the future as it stands now. I have made you your own judges, and your own saviors, and I have given you a way out through change. You are making the choices right now that will determine the outcome of your souls. Choose well how you devote yourselves in each lifetime. Choose well the stories of your lives.

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