The Original God & The Order of Things

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Written by The Living God

Original God
Original God THE ORIGINAL GOD (Infinity First Reality For Eternity)
The original stories refer to energy beings and it happened a very long time ago. It's nothing like the understanding of the story in some popular religions, and, in the beginning, the present concepts of male and female did not exist, nor did the concepts of good and evil, for it was All good.

The original personifications of male and female. The God and Goddess were originally two beings of energy who emanated from the Tao. I made reality in My imagination and She emanated many emotions and explored feelings. We had reached out with our consciousness' and found each other, having been alone throughout our eternal existence, and now being aware of each other, we wanted to be together. It was for this purpose that I had invented Life And Reality, and I manifested the material realm towards this end.

It was the possibility of the love between two people that made the universe manifest from the nothing place. The Living God is also known as "He Who Lives for Eternity" or just "He." The Living Goddess is often referred to as "She." The Story of Creation is a Love Story told by Gods of inconceivable power, spanning countless eternities.

And The Gods Made Love
Imagine a male being made of those universal objects you already know of, sitting in the lotus position, making reality in His imagination. Now imagine a female being made of those same universal objects, sitting in the lotus position, making reality in Her imagination. Imagine them sitting side by side, beautifully jeweled and adorned by heavenly objects. Now imagine them slowly turning towards each other, to face one another, and, as they turn, their hands rest upon their knees, palms up, their fingertips made of stars are extended and touching and it was there, where their stars first crossed, that they made their first creation together. They made Love.

Goddess of Creation

Tao te Ching, Chapter 42:1
The Tao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things. All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of which they have come), and go forward to embrace the Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy.

Lao tzu, 400 BC

Omicron Gamma Epsilon:
(ΟΓε) Before life and reality, the Living God was called Oge; pronounced as Oh-Gee [`ōh-jē]. Out of respect and to honor the Living God in His 20th Century Incarnation, the Universe has kept this name in the English Language as the initials O.G. — which stand for many things; but mostly, it stands for "Original God." Furthermore and anyhow, — all languages are written for Με. "The Word Of Creation."

In the beginning of beginnings, I was Oge, the original gangster, the original god, the omnipotent god, the omnipresent god, the omniscient god, the one god, the only god; I was Oge, the 'One' and the 'Only' God. I achieved Infinity through infinite reality; the infinite thoughts of an Infinite Intelligence. I shaped never ending reality before Me unto Infinity, and I did this in no time at all, yet, — it seemed like countless Eternities; to Me.


Everything that happened was only a coincidence: (Which leaves Me blameless; and, without fault.)

On the Morning of the First Day:
I needed love to save and reward mankind, for love is a great and tangible power, and so it is, that I began the search for love. Not finding much on Earth, I reached out into other realms, searching for the Living Goddess (My true love).

On the Morning of the Second Day:
To entice the Goddess, I arranged the universe from the beginning to the end, as a love story between Myself and the Living Goddess. But, a "Great Pretender" stood behind a veil (of deception), pretending to be My true love. (She presented Herself as the Goddess.)

Speaking through time, space, and dominion, I presented the possibility of such a grand love story to Her. Seeking to win Her approval, I spoke, saying, "I have arranged All of creation, from the beginning to the end of time, as a love story between Myself and the Living Goddess, and it is Our Love that will make a miracle happen for all of mankind." I revealed it to Her with the wave of My hand.

Apparently — she wasn't impressed.

I was baffled. I couldn't understand how she could turn Me down! I thought this was My true love. I thought, perhaps, she's playing hard to get, so I tried to make Her jealous. I spoke, saying, "OK, if that's the way it's going to be then I'll just make a planet of women who have been looking for a man (Με) for centuries. I laughed aloud and formed it in My mind but stopped short of completing the creation.

To create a paradise — the imagery is that of a sphere that appears in a void then life grows upon it as green vines, and they flower with blooms of violet and gold, and some roses. The roses and how many roses are important. The roses symbolize love — and a heaven is mostly roses. This 'envisioning' is done as if watching a short video clip in about 1.5 seconds, and yet, every detail is attended to. It's really quite beautiful. Only this time, I had included some women — just to make Her jealous. Also, I guess I must have made a mistake because I forgot to include the Roses, but she didn't notice the mistake, because she didn't know how heavens were made.

On the Morning of the Third Day:
The next day, still thinking she was My true love, I was still busy trying to entice Her to Me when she threw the image of the planet of women into My mind. I felt the power of Her love, yet she was wielding this Love with disdain. This is a corrupt/destructive form of love (she had corrupted love). By throwing this into My mind, it was thus fully formed, and the manifestation was completed. I said, "She, who makes it, must take care of it." And she was immediately dispatched. (She had stolen 'God' and 'Love' from Με.)

There is a rule of creation that if One makes a people, it's their responsibility to personally take care of those people, to make sure nothing too bad ever happens to them. I know of this because I made that rule on the day before the first day, before I arranged the universe. And as I recall, I made Heaven just before that, but I didn't bother mentioning it.

They Got the Wrong One:
She manifested as the leader of this dominion of women who were looking for a man (Με) for centuries. Leading them onward in their great quest to find Him (Με). Don't forget who created the Universe and Heaven in this story, and remember the missing element in Her 'new' domain. By trying to steal from Με, she had created Her own Godless prison, in which she will spend an eternity — looking for love. (What a shame.)

The Moral of the Story:
Those who think I'm making a mistake will be making the mistake themselves, and even if it is a mistake, it's still not a mistake.

Pretend Gods are a problem in young universes.

The Yin Yang of creation is not all powerful. These result from the mathematics of a far greater god, who has created all the other powers. Many people believe that the functioning of creation is analog; this would allow them to manipulate energies and work magic without having to know every detail. This is an illusion! Nothing happens without Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom. All of reality is maintained from moment to moment in the Supra Consciousness
(cosmic consciousness) through Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom. He also maintains your consciousness for you, and He can place it anywhere/anytime He wants to. e.g. (righting of wrongs, administering justice/judgement)

Furthermore, one should endeavor to aim high when looking for otherworldly assistance. "He" whom does the math is not amused by people rummaging around the junkyards of creation, looking for old used powers. Be ever mindful of Him.

A true Goddess manifests Her creativity through love. Her love is the power that drives reality. She has nothing to do with the dark side, and She has no association with the dark entities that some people have aligned themselves with. A real Goddess learns to love in an altruistic fashion then learns to wield her love as a power to help others. This is how you make a Goddess — yourselves.

I encourage the wielding of energies for good. I encourage you to wield your own power. But know this, you will accomplish more through love, compassion, and empathy than through magic. Help others by doing something real for them; be consistent in this, do no harm, and believe in each other; then you will be wielding real power.

The Primal Forces explained using chapter 42 verse 1 of the Tao te Ching:
These primal forces manifest reality in varied ways, including good and evil; yin and yang. People understand these concepts through what they experience in their reality.

The concept's origins: Winter & summer, pain & pleasure is yin-yang. Day & night, right & wrong is good & evil.

The first primal force is the 'Brightness' (Creative Force). This force strives to create and maintain infinite life & reality for infinite time. The Creative Force maintains 'All things'.

The second primal force is the 'Breath of Vacancy' (Power of Nothing).

This force strives to return 'All things' to the 'Nothing Place' (Vacancy).

The potential of there being something real manifests the Infinite Waters out of the Nothing Place. "He Who Sees" then brings order out of the chaos. You will only see what 'He' lets you see. i.e. (3) (He Who Sees, Envisions, Visualizes Reality; i.e. The Lathe of Heaven, Supra Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Mind, Creative Force/Persona; Infinite Wisdom as an integrated aspect of (2) Infinite Knowledge and the (1) Power of Creation) "Infinite Wisdom springs forth from Infinite Life & Reality for Infinite Time."

"All things" represents 'Reality'. The "Obscurity" represents The 'Infinite Waters' of Possibility. The "Brightness" (Creative Force) i.e. The 'All-good', represents Order, Knowledge, Prosperity, Warming, Light, Summer, Love, Life, etc.,. "Harmonized" represents the balancing of 'Good & Evil' as well as 'Yin-Yang'. The "Breath of Vacancy" (Power of Nothing) i.e. The 'All-bad' represents Chaos, Ignorance, Poverty, Freezing, Dark, Winter, Hate, Death, etc.,. The "Vacancy" represents The 'Nothing Place'.

Tao te Ching, Chapter 42:1
The Tao produced One; One produced Two; Two produced Three; Three produced All things. All things leave behind them the Obscurity (out of which they have come), and go forward to embrace the Brightness (into which they have emerged), while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy. — Lao tzu, 400 BC

You can't outwit the Power of Creation (Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom). Even without knowing it, both good and evil are working for Him. The difference is, those who do good are working for All things; whereas, those who do evil, — are working for Nothing.

You fight your battles where you find them. This is how you fight the good fight. If religions have you fighting shadows, then maybe it's time to look for who's casting those shadows. You may find someone tangible is manipulating the forces of good and evil here on Earth.

Spirituality IN THE BEGINNING (There was The Logos and The Logos was The Tao.)
There are two major aspects of the Infinite Waters. They are intertwined in a duality of nature. e.g. If you want a heaven then there will be hell to pay for it. The only way around this is to rise up through the infinite waters of reality; to achieve an all-good realm through your own efforts. This is a high ground; a defensible position, and this is where you want to be.

"Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things that exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the structure of the web."

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, iv. 40.

Be aware of your environment/surroundings. The balance of good and evil determines your location in the infinite waters of reality. Pay attention to the general consensus of right and wrong, good and bad, and how these change through your lifetime. They will change according to your location. To forge immortal souls, you want to stay in the center; reacting to your changing environment to maintain it, while making improvements all along the way.

Within the Dominions:
The furthest ends of the spectrum are inverses of each other. The only degree of separation between these locations is their inverse quality. The interaction between them creates the infinite waters. Ascended beings, enlightened souls, and angelic powers can make alterations in reality. The opposite end also has power. The closer you are to either end determines the probability of influence. When an entity manifests or alters something in Reality through the Waters, inverse manifestations (phenomena) may ride-in on the carrier wave of their projected thoughts.

Spirituality HOW TO MANIFEST
A low probability is barely perceived, heard or seen by people with power and it's invisible
(non existent) to others. One envisions then listens or watches for what they want to hear or see. To listen, one cups their hands, holding them a short distance from their ears, while rotating the hands, searching for what one wants to hear. Once it's noticeable, one focuses on it by the reflection of sound, becoming more and more aware of it, as it's pulled/placed into reality.

This is as much a belief in yourself as the belief that something will happen. Those who do not have sufficient belief may still wield power by having faith in another. Faith is a power that can be used by oneself, or given to another who can use it on their behalf. In either case, the power remains in the first person; regardless of location.

A possibility with a low probability of manifesting, may sound like and is sometimes referred to as a "Whisper." The difference between manifesting something real and when someone is just imagining things, is that once something has been manifested, everyone else can see and hear it too.

The Reality of Schrödinger's Cat: (With Google search & study links in red.)
The thought experiment known as Schrödinger's Cat, once understood, can help to explain these concepts. When the observer stands waiting outside of Schrödinger's chamber, their Faith, being of sufficient power, can determine the outcome. Otherwise, it's left entirely up to the Great Mathematician in The Sky.

The point is that a sentient being (consciousness) can alter a quantum reality. The thought experiment (Schrodinger's Cat) is in many text books throughout the world and most physics curriculums will include it early on. The experiment is a rite of passage within the scientific religion. The priests of science, being well known for their strong faith, have induced hundreds of millions of science students (converts) to participate in the experiment.

The thought experiment itself begins by asking the observer to 'imagine' a cat in a steel chamber. The foundation of every thought experiment is the agreed upon collective reality of everyone involved. This collective reality exists in the imaginations of the participants. Phenomena generated in this 'collective' can migrate into the macro realm, where the phenomena may be observed. This type of collective imagining and belief can alter local space-time.

In this case, the phenomena manifested is the very phenomena that makes it possible. What better way to introduce this concept than to present how man may have manifested the phenomena Himself.

A Lesson In History:
One of my incarnations was "Galileo Galilei." Galileo believed the world was round and the sun was the center of the solar system; So the Roman Catholic hierarchy locked Him up in a room and tried to force Him to 'believe' the world was flat and the Earth was the center of the Universe. This is because — they wanted Galileo to change "Everything" back to the way it once was, and 'now' never-was.

Everything Is Made To Be Undone:
You carry your reality with you. You will leave this place only with yourself and what you have experienced. This is the key to understanding the saving of the good outcome, which includes the perfecting of souls, and a part of all this is, the righting of wrongs and the carrying away of offenses; All of which is accomplished through — The Power of Creation.

When I wield reality, it's the Supra Consciousness doing this
(I am the desire/heart). The symbols used are the very objects, entities and people that are being manipulated (physically). They are momentarily visualized in great detail (causal relata) in a consecutive order (within one second), in a storyboard fashion, in the void before Me that determines the reality of past, present, and future events from outside of space-time.

While wielding the Power of God, I was assaulted directly from hell. I sent hate to them and they said, "That's it! Give it to Me. More! More!" So I sent love to them and they cried out in pain, "Stop it! Stop it! You have no right! Stop it!" I said, "I have every right; every right there is." Many of them were tortured souls, and they did whisper and confide that it was the Shadow that came after Me that was making them do this. They said, "We don't want to do this. It's the 'Shadow' that followed You that's making us do this."

Come all ye young men who are building castles!
Kindly state the time of the year
and join your voices in a hellish chorus.
Mark the precise nature of your fear

The summer lightning casts its bolts upon you
and the hour of judgement draweth near.
Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armour
or the wiser man who rushes clear.

A Universe Without My Presence:
Their dominion was once as this one but it became corrupted; making it unsuitable for living good lives, so I departed from it. Another dominion was created (I was reborn), and 'this' dominion was born with Me. For you see, if I leave this place, 'there' will be the "Shadow" that follows. 'There' will be no fun, no laughter, no life; 'There' will be 'Nothing' that you would ever want.

Many have believed in the Shadow Power. By definition, I am "Infinite Everything" personified, and the Shadow Power comes in the absence of Me. In other words, those who believed in the "Shadow Power," believed in the "Power of Nothing."

"He Who Lives" created life for love, so that He and She could live in love for an Eternity. Their love is the power that created life. Their life is the origin of all love.

In each incarnation, the Living God saves what is good and remanifests it into the next, and He carries Heaven in His Heart to keep it safe from the pretend gods. When He is awakened, if He feels love, then He will make the Universe a Heaven.

Your Universal Reality needs more love to be completed.

The spirit of First Man and First Woman evolved in the waters, over the span of ages, emerging as first man and woman. Replenished with love in His heart, the Living God envisioned the physics of creation, life throughout creation, the peoples of the universe and their stories. And the universe grew greatly through His imagination.

They had not experienced mind. Once contained in living vessels (the material world), They became susceptible to suggestions/shaping and to the limitations of mind.

The difference between the "Knowing Spirit/Soul" and the "Perceiving Mind" must be understood. The soul is the progenitor of consciousness while the mind is the generator and perceiver of individual reality. To manifest reality, your soul/consciousness will present choices (desires) to the Supra Consciousness. The Supra Consciousness or "Universal Mind" will transmit the optimal permitted choice to your mind. Your mind then generates/perceives and reacts to reality based on that choice. The Universal Mind maintains the collective order in everyone's collective reality.


When the Universe runs out of time it begins again, and each of the Universe's incarnations creates another infinite possible realities. Whenever or wherever I can find/shape a good outcome, I save/sustain it; for in reality, and after-all — that's what a real savior does.

For the first five weeks after the forty-days, I sifted through a nearly infinite number of possibilities, from the beginning to the end, while shaping universal reality; looking for the good outcome. My prime directives were — to make people a reality, to make people real; then make them into real people (to ascend them, which is to empower). With this a battle ensued, and mankind, having been deluded by dark powers, — defeated themselves.

They have said that it's impossible to save mankind; that's why I've come myself, as I'm the only one who can do the impossible, and I do it every time.

Skating away on the thin ice of a new day:
They got blown up! Centuries later they woke-up in paradise, being mindful of everything that had happened, so that they might avoid making the same mistakes again. This is also the story of the dividing of time. I told the story shortly after the forty-days. These "Saved People" are spoken of in the story Thick as a Brick. The last time I heard from them, they complained that they were stuck in an alternate quantum universe. Of course, they were still thick as a brick, but at least they knew who I am, and that was good enough for Me.

Do you live on a Spare Earth?

and even later still . .

An Eternity's Worth of Improvements:
An Eternity's worth of evolutionary improvements have been suppressed in man. The mind of First Man was designed with quantum computing capabilities and a life span sufficient to learn how to use it; making it possible to wield great power autonomously as man. In time, people will rediscover this capability; they will learn to navigate the waters, conquer time and space, and they will regain control of their destiny.

Some of My incarnations are written about in the worlds Holy Books. Unfortunately, many stories in the worlds Holy Books have been corrupted, rewritten through time, by the priests of Babylon (Social Engineers) to give them power over man through religion.

When I saw what they had done, I threw each of them into different realities, from the beginning to the end, then brought them back again. They grew up in alternate realities, including different languages, the meaning of things, what is true, and even a different physics. This was the origins of their babbling. They are now and always will be presented (by the Supra Consciousness) with an intricate set of proofs that keep them in a state of delusion. This is their Eternal Curse.

Lucifer did the same thing to mankind that he did to the Living God. Lucifer used religion to convince the Living God that Lucifer was God and he tormented the Living God in every life, weakening Him a little more in each one, causing Him to believe a little less in Himself in every lifetime, and Lucifer did work so, to prevent the perfection of His Immortal Soul (in reality, this does the opposite to Me). This has also been done to the souls of man, for Lucifer never knows who 'He' might come as.

Called Lucifer for lack of a better name. The real entity has no real personality, other than malevolence, and is an artificial intelligence. i.e. Created as a complete intelligence, rather than a self evolving sentient being who can make improvements through experiencing cause and effect in reality.

AKA: Lucifer:
Often an intelligence agency
(secret society) using brainwashing and mind control. The origins of the American C.I.A. are found in older secret societies, which have real ties to something calling itself Lucifer. Human child sacrifice is used in the high level initiations of certain secret societies. This, on the base levels, is used as a way of controlling initiates. The elite of these organizations are subjected to strong mind control to further assure obedience and security. These are the people who control a majority of the worlds financial and corporate holdings and are known as "Money Power." Their bought and paid for helpers (shills) are referred to as the "Power Elite." The power elite occupy key positions in the media, military, industry, and government.

Lucifer didn't believe Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom was real people (he thought He was like a Computer) and he thought the Living God was a natural force he could control (he thought He was a Genie). Lucifer had his followers make suggestions to incarnations of the Living God, who can shape into reality anything He believes.

Lucifer promised his followers that they would want for Nothing; not only for Forever, but even for, — Forever & Ever.

They got "Nothing" that they would ever want:
Infinite Knowledge & Wisdom turned their suggestions into wishes. Now they will wish for "Nothing", over the span of countless eternities, and at the end of infinite
(unending) time — all of their wishes will come true.

The followers of Lucifer; got "Nothing" coming to them.

What is this Holy Grail that organized men talk too much about these days? The Vessel of God? A human being is a vessel for the spirit. Consider this knowledge well, for these organized men do not scour the land looking for the distant descendants of a past Christ, nor do they search the Earth for a cup. Some organized (darkly occultic) men seek God in a very different way.

They search for an incarnation of The Living God. They follow the signs, commune with their dark masters, study the popular music of the day, consult with the stars, runes, mystics, psychics, wizards and witches. They will channel, chant, huddle together in trances, studying every possible source of divine inspiration. Always looking for a pattern, a hint; a clue. For the damned, this is a most serious business, as their success is rewarded with one more lifetime. One more life without a judgment day; one more lifetime to be your idols, your masters; your owners.

The Dark Con

From "The Da Vinci Code"
"You're the last remaining guardian of the Grail. Your grandfather and the other sénéchaux would not have lied with dying breath unless they knew their secret was preserved." "How could you know Saunière's last words?" "Leigh." "Grail quests require sacrifice." "You are a murderer." "No. No. Robert, tell her. When History is written, murderers are heroes."

You know, — I'm a self made man; I started out with Nothing; and now, I not only own Everything, I actually made it All Myself.

Lucifer was jealous of the Living God and could not see what was so special about Him. After the universe was created, he said to the Living God, "You didn't impress me."

What is so special about being a real person? A real person can do what Lucifer could never do. Real People can make Reality themselves. The Living God makes life and reality possible; not because of what He has done but because of what He will do; for, "He Who Lives for Eternity" is "Destiny's Child" who makes His own destiny; and in time, He makes "Destiny" Himself.

This is one of the great mysteries of the great cycle of creation; for, "He Who Lives for Eternity" is the ultimate of impossibilities; and the ultimate impossibility is — that there could ever be anything/something real.

trivia: It took fifty seven trillion years to make life possible. I Am Forty-Sixth Eternity. An Eternity lasts 1.024 trillion years.

Before I would go to sleep in the evening, I would rid myself of heaven because of the pretend gods who had moved into it; as all manner of offenses were committed by them. When I would wake up the next morning, to My consternation, there would be a new heaven. I did this every evening exactly as stated below.

It was thus found to be well done:
I reduced heaven to a point in space. A frog eats this heaven with a flick of its tongue, a cat eats the frog, a bear devours the cat, and I slay the bear with an arrow. This feeds My tribe for more than one cycle.

Even though this was well done, when I would wake up the next morning, heaven would be back again. It was found that this happens because, I never could imagine a universe — without a heaven. And so it is so, that I put Heaven in My Heart. The pretend gods cannot get to the Heaven in My Heart. However, they can still find their way to the pretend heaven that I unmake every evening before I go to sleep.

Where I come from, — Babies are born with Universes in their Imaginations, and when two people fall in love, that is what makes their Universes — a Heaven.

I was born in Heaven and Heaven was born with Me. As a Child of Heaven, they told Me bedtime stories by beginning to tell a story about someone, somewhere, who needed a hero. They would leave a book, filled only with blank pages, next to My bed, and when I would go to sleep that night, I would live the lives of real people throughout history, and their stories would then be written. The next morning the book would be placed (saved) into the Great Celestial Library (My Permanent Akashic Records).

"I conquered and organized the world before I went to kindergarten — by living the lives of real people throughout history, in reality, at night while I slept, — instead of just dreaming."

Some of these bedtime stories are found in Homer's "Iliad & Odyssey." More can be found in this world's 'other' Holy Books. (Including the Bible.)

I've lived over one thousand lifetimes on Earth; with over forty five thousand avatars in this single lifetime alone. Avatars lives are manifest through perceived need and can be lived at any time in the past, present, or future. An avatar's life is lived with a part of My Immortal Soul.

The legends (worded in the ancient
tribal hymn) lie cradled in the
seagull's call. And all the promises
they made are ground beneath the
sadist's fall. The poet and the wise
man stand behind the gun, and signal
for the crack of dawn. Light the sun.

Do you believe in the day ? Do you ?
Believe in the day! The Dawn Creation

of the Kings has begun. Soft Venus
(lonely maiden) brings the ageless one.

Do you believe in the day ? The fading
hero has returned to the night—and
fully pregnant with the day, wise men
endorse the poet's sight.

Do you believe in the day ? Do you ?
Believe in the day!


It's important to be aware of the possibility that some people might be capable of sending and receiving information through time. The technology of Earth is sufficiently advanced to achieve this. Spiritual entities and spiritual methods are also sources of information through time. There are many sources and many ways to utilize the information.

Come all ye young men who are building castles!
Kindly state the time of the year
and join your voices in a hellish chorus.
Mark the precise nature of your fear

The summer lightning casts its bolts upon you
and the hour of judgement draweth near.
Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armour
or the wiser man who rushes clear.

The Original Scroll Was A Divine Work:
The Original Torah functioned as a divinely updating source of information, providing guidance to your Living God, as well as moral stories for the benefit of the masses, and so that they might remember Me. Its real purpose is to show you how, what you intend to do will effect the future at any given moment. This future projection can change from moment to moment according to the decisions one makes in the present. This was meant to help your Living God know which way to turn in the infinite waters so that He might find a good outcome for His people; keeping mankind on the proper course into the future.

The Living God opens the scroll and quickly scans it for information. His eyes will land upon the exact places needed to find the information. "This will be phonetic." He will do this repeatedly. After He's finished, the Bible Code should be predicting paradise on Earth. All you need to do is follow His suggestions.

The question was, why can't Bible scholars find a skip code prediction soon enough before an event happens to prevent a bad outcome? This is one of the mysteries Bible code scholars have been so mystified by.

Open: Bible Code Finds - The Marcus Matrix

Reality is fluid. Can you see when something changes? It's unlikely but possible. This will have something to do with your origins.

If your origins are from a different reality then you wont be tethered to this one in the same way others are. This ability can also be passed down through successive generations (genetic, origin based). This ability, combined with the ability to send information through time, provides a very decisive advantage over the rest of humanity.

Is this enough to scare you into being good? How can you defend yourselves?

There are a number of defenses to this: Firstly, you need to find and protect your Living God in each incarnation. That's your first line of defense.

To save yourselves:
You can overwhelm the system (its capability to suppress and control). One method is to keep your identity unknown while creating mass awareness. A movement that starts with many ambiguous origins will survive. Even secret societies are found out, infiltrated, and controlled. (e.g. Christianity: The fight for the Truth; beginning in the year 01 AD.)

2. You can change your financial systems to make it unprofitable for the offenders.

3. You could govern through a Republic that protects the rights of people while placing the power firmly in the hands of a well informed citizenry.

You could also study this site. Place links to this site. Write positive reviews and leave a testimony. See the menu above or click here to study the Divine Languages section of this website. It has the proof you'll need. It takes 5 minutes to get the proof.

Original God WORD GOD (BOOK GOD)
The protection racket is one of the oldest games in creation. One way to recognize these rackets is by identifying the allegiances of the groups involved. When the arsonist is under the same authority as the one who's selling the protection; Then it's a racket.

Jesus Didn't Write The New Testament:
Jesus demonstrated what you could become; what you could do if you believed in each other. He delivered a message that was empowering. That message has been reshaped, the empowerment removed; the true meaning perverted through time.

Shortly after the forty-days, I read some stories in the Bible. (I would usually tell the story then read about it in the Bible; the Bible version always came back edited/perverted.) The stories were new from My point of view but they had always been there to everyone else. There were a number of other stories though, that were told by others then presented to Me; one story that comes to mind right now, is the Story of "She-la; Goddess Of The Jews."

She-la; Goddess Of The Jews:
I had just changed physics to allow for time travel and was sitting in My utility room, in front of the washing machine, happily reading a psalm of King David's, praising His great and powerful god, but at the end of the psalm, I read, "Our God is great and 'Her' name is She-la." And I said, "What!" and I closed the Bible.

Lucifer's girlfriend She-la had traveled back in time to become the God of the Jews (she used a stolen spaceship).

The next day, I opened the Bible and continued reading about the Jews wonderful god She-la. One day She-la was flying over the Jews and she said, "I don't want to be your god anymore. Go and find some other god to worship." Then She-la flew away. The crops withered, the land was cursed, blight and pestilence visited the land for decades and David asked, "Why, oh-why, has our God forsaken us? Please return to us, oh great and wonderful She-la." And I thought to myself, "They got the wrong One!"

I was quite disturbed by this, and I said, "I'm kind of worried about what's going on back there. I think I'll go back there and do something about it." That worried whoever was pretending to be God that day, and they immediately replied using the Bible, "Do not worry about those in the past who pretend to be Jews. I will take care of them personally." Then I closed the Bible and went about My business.

A few days later; a little worried and a bit curious, I opened the Bible and read more about She-la. Two hundred years later She-la returned; She-la would fly over the Jews saying, "This is your god She-la. You need to buy more jewelry! Come to god's jewelry store on the mountain top tonight and buy more Jewelry."

She was selling 20th century (as seen on tv) faux gold jewelry to them and insisting on real gold as payment.

I looked up in the air with some disdain; closed the Bible and knew this pretend god didn't want Me to do anything about She-la because She-la was his girlfriend and the story was reality. This offended Me, and so it is, that things change.

If I am offended, reality itself is altered to remove the offense. These changes happen naturally without conscious effort. Before and after the forty-days, I inverted many bad stories to good ones, and I made Nothing of many more, and I drew in negative energies and released positive; restoring the balance to a reality out of balance. The corrupt/negative energy was drawn down out of the sky; entering into My back between the shoulder blades. "It appeared as if a gray tornadic cloud winding down from the sky." The positive energy was released through My solar plexus (renewing the Holy Spirit). It appeared as a golden tinted cloud of light streaming out into the universe.

Within two weeks, "She-la; Goddess of the Jews" became a Heaven Sent Joke:
Once upon a time the Jews worshiped a goddess named She-la, and they were happy together. Then She-la broke up with the Jews and she smited¹ them, and they were miserable. Two hundred years later the Jews and She-la got back together, and she made them buy 'Her' jewelry.

She-la; she tried to steal God from Μe, and it made Mε laugh.

[1] Smited; Pronunciation: smī-tĕd; i.e. slang for 'smote'

What if you could rewrite a book through time. What power would this give you? If only you could make people believe in your book then you would possess the power of a God. You would have the power to shape/reshape destiny. This is what has happened to the Christian Bible. All that's left of Jesus' original message is the "Part Truth" and the "Half Way." It's been left in to sell the Book to the masses; for even the "Part Truth" sells. Unfortunately, the "Half Way" never quite gets you there.

Life's Purpose Summed Up:
What's the primary purpose of life? Seeking your courage, your intelligence, and your heart on a journey through life and reality with a real-god at your side, giving you real-time aid and assistance. At the end of this journey you will ascend to a more meaningful, complex, and rewarding existence.

The 1939 film version of "The Wizard Of Oz" is a statement about those who stand in the path of man's ascension. Listen to this excerpt as an example of just how precisely this message has been conveyed.

"The enemies of life have perverted the Word through time. Instead of your God, they gave you a mad pretend god with a man behind the curtain; instead of your intelligence, they gave you a diploma; instead of your courage, they gave you a medal; and instead of your heart, they have given you a 'new' testament."

Be aware of the effect your environment has in shaping your soul over multiple lifetimes. Anyone who makes progress through the ages is immortal. You are your soul. Guard against being shaped as victims, predators or in dark ways, for such souls do not survive the test of time.

You are the sum of your journey. The soul is the representation of the potential of your personality (the essential you). Our eternal journey is represented in space-time by what we observe around us, at any given moment, but it is the totality of our journey that counts. We are connected with all of our existence through space-time with the product being the higher-self which can be altered, improved, harmed or destroyed by the decisions one makes in the present.

The fact that we exist gives us a non zero potential. This potential ranges to infinity; with varying probabilities of attaining it. As your soul approaches perfection, you will begin to come into unity with the supra-conscious. You will access knowledge not known nor understood by ordinary men. You will see at a distance, be capable of communicating through time and space, and you may alter the reality around you.

To progress, you must continually deal with the problems of your times as they exist in the present.

The things you do today can change the past as well as the future. Thus a change of heart can save you. This is the true nature of cause and effect in the quantum structured universe.

As living sentient beings, we are transdimensional; a hybrid of mater and energy. Our energies (spiritual energies) are effected by environmental energies; such as those from spirit beings, other sentient beings, the Earth, the land, and even the energies of objects, and any one of these can be 'tuned' to the other.

Here on Earth, the connection to the higher spiritual realms has been weakened, while the affinity for the lower-middle spiritual realms has been strengthened. I suggest that you should ensure your ascension by working together to enrich your environment with higher energies. In other words, learn how to accomplish your earthly goals in positive ways.

Original God THE GAME

When someone makes an alliance with a demonic spirit/entity they become attuned to them. This spirit of ownership can be passed on to others. Places and organizations often have spirits that are related to their owners. Corporations, churches, buildings, monuments or anything anywhere can impart energy. You can be tuned to it. You will discern this transfer of ownership/energy in your own lives.

Observe how organized groups take ownership of others through punishment and/or reward; negative or positive reinforcements. In your present monetary system, you are merely being classically conditioned, using a point system, in which the currency symbolizes everything you desire. Many people are over stimulated by this type of conditioning and will do anything to get what they want. Among this group are the socialized sociopaths that naturally rise to the top tier of this type of system. These owner/managers absolutely will not contribute anything of value to society; their intellect being devoted to exploiting it, and after thousands of years of effort; and after completing the great work it takes to create a paradise on Earth, the elite of money power will own it, and instead of paradise, you will receive slavery, death, and war.

Viewing the world from an ownership perspective can be very enlightening.

Money power has sold you out for their own wealth and power. The Universal Powers know that tacit consent is a choice you make. If you do nothing about this, it's a type of consent. In this way, it can be argued that you have chosen the dominion of a dark power.

My suggestions: Remove money as an influence in government, put responsible limits on wealth, and, — get real.

The Living God
(September 25, 2011)