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Original Santa Claus
The Divine Languages The Media Can Shape Souls
The media has become an instrument of destruction. Imagination and story telling are good things, but not at the expense of millions of starving, hungry and impoverished people who need your help desperately as the Western World is turned ever more away from reality, and not at the expense of allowing yourselves to be shaped, through the media, into violent & deluded perverts.

The worlds major advertising companies know more about the psychology of persuasion and behavior modification than is known in the worlds universities. The worlds major advertising companies have much larger research budgets than the psychology departments of the worlds major universities. What they know about behavior modification and the psychology of compliance is considered proprietary and is kept secret. In other words, they are using methods of behavior modification on the general population through the media that are unknown and secret.

The mass media caries tremendous power and should be wisely regulated with intelligent standards and precautions.

The Divine Languages The Coming Source of World Terror
Associating sex with every imaginable thing is good for selling movies, music, and products but it brings death to the souls of man. There is a difference between healthy sexuality and being shaped into violent perverts whose only possible purpose is to propagate horror, death, and war throughout the world. The media is using sex as a reinforcement, associating it with contextual violence, and shaping monstrous souls.

You have completely underestimated the intelligence, the sophistication, and the capabilities of the enemies of life. They know exactly how to manipulate and shape you. Your culture and the media have been infiltrated. They have operantly conditioned you through the media to confuse love with sex and to associate sex with violence, and so it is, that you have fallen in love with death and war.

The Divine Languages Once Upon A Time In America
Your political leaders are unsympathetic to your pain and suffering. There are groups working within your governments who are operating above the law, without consequences for their actions. Power corrupts and when any group escapes accountability this gives them absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. These groups are functioning with absolute immunity, and they are absolutely corrupt. These groups are now moving to completely dominate and exploit the worlds population.

People must enforce accountability for all agencies, corporations, individuals, governments and nations. It does not mater what it costs or what the consequences are. You must ask yourselves this very serious question, "Are you prepared to pay with your 'life' for your failure to take action?" Think long and hard on this, because your lives, will only be the beginning of the price that you will pay — for your failure.

The Divine Languages Comic Book Superheroes
"First the good goes, then the world blows up, and then, the savior comes flying through the clouds." Why is this being touted as a good scenario? This is because your religious leaders are interpreting through man's inherent belief in the good world (a delusion). This should not be interpreted as a good thing. This is a story of complete and utter failure, of mistakes, and of consequences. Mankind's story is a tragedy.

Look at the story of Santa Claus as used to delude little children at Christmas time. The "Older Ones" expend massive resources to present this illusion to the little children. An entire industry is devoted to it. For those who would listen, this carries within it a powerful message and warning. Clearly stating that Christianity, the very institution itself, has been deluded.

Imaginary comic book superheroes cannot save you. Neither does the Living God act as Superman in the comic books. This is one of the most damaging myths of Christianity because the unconscious mind will not feel the need to fight for truth and justice when it believes that a Superman will do it for them. As long as someone provides your unconscious mind with a "Comic Book Superhero" you will not feel any need to put your House in order. Not even to save yourselves. Christianity is not the only religion that has made this mistake. It's a common misconception because it's something that people want to believe. People are easily misled by their inherent belief in the "Good World."

The Divine Languages Reality Verses Fantasy
In the Superman comic book adventures, Clark Kent would warn Lois Lane about someone or something, He would tell her not to go here or there, or to do this or that, but she would do it anyway because she believed if something went wrong, Superman would save her. However, in real life, if Lois kept making that same mistake, Superman would be obligated to stop saving Lois, so that Lois might know the consequences of her actions, and if Lois perishes, then Superman must let this stand as an example to others, so they would not make that same mistake. He would do this, even though he has the power to unmake the mistake. This he does because he knows that it is a 'mistake' to save everyone. He understands this, and he knows that sometimes, without suffering the consequences for their actions, people will not change.

The Divine Languages You Don't Need Armageddon
The book of "Revelations" is all about the complete failure of man. Again, it's the inherent belief in the good world that causes people to perceive these prophesies in a positive light, when in fact, these prophesies were the original warnings presented to them to stop doing what they were doing. Literally telling them that they would be waiting until the end of time for the Savior and that all manner of horrific events would happen along the way. This is the result of man following "Men of Words" instead of following their own hearts.

Reality is regulated and maintained in a "cause and effect" manner, and when reality speaks, you will find an inherent irony in the message. The first step towards escaping this fate is to understand that Christianity is not Jesus and the 'Bible' is not a God.

The enemies of life have perverted the Word through time. Instead of your god, they gave you a mad pretend god with a man behind the curtain; instead of your intelligence, they gave you a diploma; instead of your courage, they gave you a medal; and instead of your heart, they have given you a 'new' testament.

The Divine Languages Real Miracles
When endeavoring to undertake an overwhelming task, one may have faith in a higher power that they will succeed and that everything will work out for the best. For those who endeavor to accomplish the impossible, miracles often happen without anyone ever noticing.

The Divine Languages The Fight For Dominion
Evil has been defined, by myself, as the inverse of good and that is exactly what it is. Death is not the goal of evil. Evil aims to create maximum horror and suffering. The horror cannot be emphasized enough, as the truth of it is unimagined in the minds of men. You do not know, and you do not want to know, but I can assure you that it exists and you are vulnerable. It seeks to dominate and control your reality and if you continue to feed it, it will grow more powerful, until eventually, it will overwhelm your reality. Another way of viewing this, is as if, "sinking downward" in a quantum universe of infinite realities. Waters of reality which consist of infinite good and bad.

The Divine Languages The Choice of Dominion
You choose your dominion as a people through the stories of your lives. What do you think is good? Saving your money by doing nothing to help people? Using prisons and punishment; pain and suffering; death and war, to get what you want? This is how you choose your shared fate; your dominion.

For instance, when you allow an innocent person to be punished for crimes they haven't committed then you are making a suggestion to an infinite being of unlimited capability. You are suggesting what is good for you; you are making an eternal lifestyle choice, and you are choosing your dominion.

Good and evil fight for your souls. Both sides call to you; making suggestions and influencing events, to bring you closer to them. The closer you get to either side the more capable they are of causing manifestations; by living lives through avatars; inspiring artists, musicians and authors; empowering people, creating miracles and influencing events.

You must learn how to achieve your objectives in positive ways. This is how you plant the seeds that will raise your world up, higher and higher, until you will hear Heaven, and the voices will go from whispers to conversations, making a 'Heaven' the highest of probabilities — for you.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

The Seventh Heir