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The Divine Languages The Path To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
Many of you have become the good who are doing all of the bad. You are destroying those around you with good intentions. Good intentions is the standard defense used throughout creation; however, it's an utterly, totally and completely useless defense. In my experience, an entity will typically proclaim their lack of 'bad' intentions just before they are cast into oblivion. Typically declaring — "I had no intention to . . ," or "I didn't know."

Do not be fooled by those who associate good with bad, right with wrong, the truth with lies, so they can sell you to wrong action or delusional thinking. Some mistakes have too high a price for such a mistake. If you can be fooled into believing antilife doctrines then you will be counted among the enemies of life; And you will share their fate.

There are karmic benefits to good intentions. It functions as a safety net for a short period of time, allowing time for the soul to learn and correct themselves before getting burned too badly. Good intentions are also used by demonic entities (Pretend Gods). They manipulate their followers to destroy each other; accomplishing this mutual self destruction through actions taken while harboring full good intentions.

The goal of these Daevas (of bad intent) is for their followers to float in the middle of the karmic consequences while they themselves are the cause of the world around them spiraling downward into Hell. This is accomplished through encouraging the self delusion of their followers; in this manner, the Daevas avoid the karmic implications of direct action. However, the "Good Intentions Rule" will only keep these followers (of good intent) afloat for a short while, but does not prevent them from being pulled through the karmic vortex as the world around them descends into Hell.

The claim of "I didn't know" has already been countered by, "YOU -- should have known!"

The Divine Languages Become Your Brother's Keeper
Through working together and thinking for yourselves, you can accomplish the impossible. That which has hitherto been the exclusive purview of the Power of Creation, and that is, to make something real — yourselves.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

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