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Thick As A Brick
In thirty-four days, I inverted the persona of the Satanic black magician, who was punishing me for crimes I didn't commit, into the Archangel Gabriel who was doing the inverse; delivering ultimatums¹ to the Pope and to the right wing conservative senators², and helping me keep the world from blowing up. One day I said, "Tell the right wing conservative senators that they had better get down on their knees and pray to their God to find a way out of this situation." The next evening, the Archangel said while laughing, "They're praying; they're praying."

In thirty six days, I inherited the Las Vegas Strip and the Tower of London, and someone yelled out from Heaven, "They don't know how it happened. They're trying to make sure it never happens again." I said, "It couldn't have happened in the first place, but, I did it."

By this time an audience had gathered. I began inheriting³ everything on the Earth; the Las Vegas Strip, the Tower of London, a trillion dollars, a satellite for mapping the worlds oil reserves, technologies to dominate the worlds energy and aerospace industries. I said, "Thanks for the donations to my charity to feed the people. I wonder if I should keep any of these things for myself?" One of the watchers yelled out from Heaven, "Keep London!" and I yelled out a big, "Okay!" and laughed.

[1] What were my ultimatums to the Pope? I insisted that Pope John Paul II recognize me, and that he put the humor and the other edited parts of the Bible back into the Bible. I received my reply the very next day while listening to the news on the radio; the anchor said, "A life-sized wax sculpture of Pope John Paul II being struck by a meteor, called "The Ninth Hour" by sculptor Maurzio Cattelan, was auctioned at Christies in New York today. It sold for $886,000 dollars, far exceeding estimates of $400,000 to $600,000. The winning bidder gave no reason for the purchase." Quote from Pope John Paul II on the Real Third Secret of Fatima

[2] "Senators" does not refer to an Earthly governing body.

[3] Before the end of the forty-days, I had inherited All of Creation and thereafter began to wield the full Power of God in an attempt to save mankind.

Jethro Tull Thick As A BrickJethro Tull Thick As A Brick
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick

Thick As A Brick