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Enlightenment The Enlightenment


Of / Marcus E. Lee

A Divine Language of Music (1) The Divine Languages (The Enlightenment)
Contained herein are easily recognizable English language messages from otherworldly beings found woven into such historical milestones of rock 'n' roll history as Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick" and Jimi Hendrix's "Axis: Bold As Love". It provides proof of the spirit world that can be demonstrated to anyone around the world through the Internet today. It announces a Living God by name and title, and delivers a specific message concerning the coming new age of life and reality. The Divine Languages

American Star of Bethlehem (2) American Star of Bethlehem
There is no sanction of astrology in the Christian religion, and they don't pay attention to signs; however, astrologers, in the form of the Magi, were used to herald Christ's birth. They were alerted to this event by more than just the Star of Bethlehem. There were convergences in the heavens, signs in the sky, and otherworldly messengers. American Star of Bethlehem

Signs In The Sky (3) There Were Signs In The Sky
Impossible coincidences and signs that speak to us through our reality; doing more than just pointing the way to the Living God, they give us the divine opportunity for change. Pay close attention to signs; do not allow them to pass you by, for the opportunity of divine change comes all to seldom. Signs in The Sky

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick (4) Jethro Tull's "Thick as a Brick"
Divinely inspired works are handed to the authors, piece by piece, along with a personal understanding of what it means to them. This can be similar to or completely different from the higher meaning intended by the one who inspired it. What the inspired artist thinks about their work depends on what they can understand and what they would believe. Jethro Tull's - Thick as a Brick

Living God (5) American Living God (The Power of Creation)
There are over three hundred ascending stages of belief through proof involved in the forty-days/temptation-test. It is administered by a Godlike being of incredible power, intelligence, and a sense of humor. American Living God

Superman God (6) In The Beginning There Was Superman (A War In The Heavens)
I called upon the souls of Heaven and Hell; and, the "Normal Universe," to join me in a war¹ against a mad God over the abomination of Hell. It was a stirring and inspirational speech, given as the Lathe of Heaven. I got an immediate response from the Living Goddess, and all of Heaven joined in. Twenty minutes later, I got a response from Hell. Someone with a high pitched cartoon character voice called back and said, "We talked it over.  We're all with you!" And Superman Was God

The Fledgling (7) The Fledgling (The Real Story)
I have revealed the future as it stands now. I have made you your own judges, and your own saviors, and I have given you a way out through change. You are making the choices right now that will determine the outcome of your souls. Choose well how you devote yourselves in each lifetime. Choose well the stories of your lives. The Fledgling's Story

Elvis Lives (8) Elvis Presley Lives
I can give you the who, what, where, and why of it all, but you will still have to face the music; one way or the other. You will still have to deal with your problems, in this life, the afterlife, or in the next life. Learning to cope is part of the process of becoming real people. The following presents an important and critical junction in your existence and poses the ever present universal question: "What are you going to do?" Elvis Presley Lives

Enlightenment (9) A Santa This Way Cometh (First The Good Goes)
One day, I opened the Christian Bible and read just this: "First the good goes, then the world blows up, and 'then' the Savior comes flying through the clouds." I also got a cartoonish vision of a big billowy cloud, rushing through the sky with a puffy cloud face, blowing hot air through pursed lips. Original Santa Claus

Enlightenment (10) The Highest Probability (It's The Impossible — That's True)
What is real to us, could be described as a well maintained illusion to a 'being' of infinite intelligence; who maintains reality from moment to moment. In the quantum structured universe, such things as mater, space-time and gravity just could not have naturally precipitated so conveniently from a singularity. The odds of all this happening are about one chance in infinity. The Highest Probability

Original God The Original God & The Order Of Things (Extra Doctrine)
The original stories refer to energy beings and it happened a very long time ago. It's nothing like the understanding of the story in some popular religions, and in the beginning, the present concepts of male and female did not exist, nor did the concepts of good and evil, for it was All good. The Original God & The Order of Things

Enlightenment Mobile Device Flash Enlightenment (Flash Lite 3.0)
"And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune then the piper will lead us to reason, and a new day will dawn for those who stand long; and the forests will echo with laughter." Mobile Flash Enlightenment

Bible Code Bible Code - The Marcus Matrix
I searched in the "King James" Old Testament for a few keywords with "CodeFinder" bible code software. Bible Code Finds - The Marcus Matrix

Enlightenment Links The Enlightenment Site Links
There are many links accessed through the above menu. These are targeted to different subjects and will change according to the section of the site you're in. The menu to the left leads to the different sections of the site. Categories include: Navaho Native American Folklore, Energy Healing, Enlightenment Heroes, Moon Signs, Sun Signs, Astrology, Signs In The Sky, Santa Claus, Divine Music, Divine Languages, Star of Bethlehem, Superman, Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, and even Elvis Presley. Good luck on your search.

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