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In The Beginning There Was Superman - Chapter Six


Superman God
Superman God Superman: A Comic Book Superhero

In creating their Superman comic book hero, Siegel and Shuster combined elements from Biblical stories, ancient mythology, pulp fiction, comic strips, movie serials, and science fiction tales. The character's origin was first revealed in Superman #1 released in 1939. Superman was the infant son of "Jor El" (a noted scientist) and his wife Lara who were from the planet Krypton. Moments before Krypton's sun exploded the couple placed their son "Kal El" into a small rocket and sent him into the void. Later, upon landing on Earth, the child was discovered and adopted by the Kent's who named the boy Clark.

Prior to 1938, most comic books contained reprinted material from popular newspaper strips. The characters that recurred in comic books tended to be policemen, private investigators, and exotic adventurers. Superman was the first science fiction based comic book superhero who boasted fantastic powers. He possessed super strength, super speed, and an unerring sense of morality that compelled him to fight for the good.

Superman's fantastic powers were said to come from the effects of the Sun's yellow rays upon his alien physiology. Originally Superman did not have the power of flight. As time passed, Superman's powers were enhanced with more super powers.

Superman's earliest stories were about facing modern social ills; Superman was seen confronting lynch mobs, slum lords, war profiteers, and corrupt government officials. In time, a recurring gallery of villains was established; Superman's most constant foes included Lex Luthor, Braniac, Bizarro, Metallo, and the Parasite.

Superman God An Introduction To The Superman Story
Divine inspiration is a common phenomena when dealing with art, music and literature. Many of these depictions and stories are based on true stories told through symbolism or in parable fashion, often because the truth is too much to accept in the minds of men. Furthermore, the Supra Conscious speaks through symbolism and in parable fashion using reality as a medium.

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And Superman Was God