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Signs In The SkyNostradamus

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Signs In The Sky - Chapter Three


Signs In The Sky
Signs In The Sky How To Steal God (by the book)
I'm not religious at all, nor have I ever been too impressed with any religion. Just because god is real, some people believe their religious dogma is true. Still, I've found every major religion to be built upon a foundation of truth.

Unfortunately, religious leaders will misdirect followers according to their own agenda; reinterpreting the simplest of statements, made by their founders, to support them. They will add details which have no basses in reality. They will justify every move they make with a quote from their holy books, and every action is taken in a 'name' rather than taken from the heart. They will pile on the rituals as a substitute for the missing god, and hope that nobody notices 'He' is gone. It is in this manner that men steal god — from themselves.

Returning God
All of this is done, when the truth is really quite simple. All you really need to know is who and what 'He' is. A real god is everything that is true; He is everything that is real; He is all about me, and 'He' is all about you; He is every interaction you have with others, from the beginning to the end, and even, before and after; and above all, be ever mindful that a Real God — is real people too.

Signs In The Sky Signs In The Sky
The solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse, and the flaming meteor all happened in one month and, at the time, I gave no significance to these signs, but, I did thank the Universe for them. One deep thought of appreciation, as this is the custom in such maters. I had simply thought that they were, all in all, very well done.

"In 1994, my eyesight, having been near sighted, had suddenly become better than 20/20 vision. I could see the Moons of Jupiter and the Rings of Saturn with the naked eye, and the 'moon' appeared as if an orange at arms length, as if my eyes were thousands of miles apart. I could see the whole of creation, and, I wondered, if there was anyone else — who saw things the way I do."

1. 7 Planet Alignment
(α) The Earth becomes the focus of Universal Scrutiny; A time of judgment/decision.
January 12th, 1994: A rare seven planet alignment in Capricorn (five planets, the sun and the moon). The tightest alignment of seven planets in over 300 years.

2. Annular Solar Eclipse
(γ) Ouroboros; Cycle of Life. A time of destruction/renewal. The ending/beginning of an aeon.
On May 10th, 1994; I viewed an "Annular Solar Eclipse" from my home town of Wichita Kansas. My birthday is May 10, 1957.

The pictures below were taken at Holloman AFB during the annular solar eclipse on May 10th 1994. The three images span 25 minutes. 'Annularity' occurs when the moon's path crosses in front of the sun while the moon is at the farthest distance from the earth during its elliptical orbit. The effect is the relative size of the moon's disk is smaller than the sun's, so that rather than the sun being totally eclipsed, only 94% is covered; producing an illuminated ring in a darkened sky in place of the sun. This gives an ethereal effect, to say the least. The next one will occur on May 20, 2012.


3. Blood Red Moon; Lunar Eclipse
(τ) The ending/renewal of modern/present day man/civilization. The ending/beginning of an aeon.
On May 24th 1994, I viewed a blood red moon during a partial lunar eclipse in my home town of Wichita Kansas. During Lunar eclipses, atmospheric pollutants such as dust or smoke can cause the moon to appear blood red. The color will deepen as Earth's shadow moves across the Lunar surface. "It was a very deep blood red color."


4. Flaming Meteor "The Lost Book Of Nostradamus"
(ζ) Threats are made. The powers/guardians send a personal warning; demanding repentance (change). "They said our story wasn't 'good' enough for them."
In May 1994, I watched a large flaming meteor heading towards the downtown area of my home city, coming from the south, moving due north, and passing just east of my house. I had an absolutely perfect view of it. I had just come out of my garage door and was heading south towards the back door of my house. It lit up the area like daylight and left a thick trail of smoke that floated slowly across the moon. It was quite large and 'flaming' with the look of an old classic science-fiction movie's special effect. Its velocity was low enough for the flames to be upturned, as if someone had doused a papier-mâché model of a meteor with lighter fluid, lit it on fire, then dragged it by wires across a miniature model landscape. It was really more of a spectacle than a meteor.

This meteor headed strait for the center of my home city; disappearing several miles from impact. Its angle of entry was more like an airplanes flight, at well under ten thousand feet as it passed by. Many people in the city of Wichita Kansas saw it.

"Rumor has it, that the archangels were laughing hysterically as they dragged it across the firmament."


5. Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9
(ζ) Another warning/demand is given; a demonstration/ultimatum presented.
July 16 through July 22, 1994, pieces of an object designated as Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter. This is the first collision of two solar system bodies ever to be observed, and the effects of the comet impacts on Jupiter's atmosphere was beyond expectations. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 consisted of at least 21 discernable fragments with diameters estimated at up to 2 kilometers.

The event was closely observed and recorded by astronomers worldwide because of its tremendous scientific importance. The event also had a large amount of coverage in the popular media, which is unusual for an astronomical event.


6. Grand Water Trine Bold As Love (Hail to Marcus)
(Με) A window of opportunity opens, and where there was once no chance at all, one man reshapes mankind's destiny.
On August 31, 1994, a Grand Water Trine, a rare astrology configuration where planets are grouped in the three water signs, forming a triangular pattern. There was an alignment of 3 planets; Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars; in the three water signs of Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer; spaced exactly equally apart, at nine degrees within these signs. Such trine patterns are considered to be powerful in astrology, because the energies of the planets are able to combine.

7. Hale-Bopp's Story
(Υ) Two paths are manifested. One leads to life/prosperity; One leads to death/destruction. You are made your own saviors and given a choice.
Kevin, who was building a greenhouse in my backyard, came into the house for a break and casually asked me, "Marcus, did you see Haley's comet?" I was fiddling with some electronics at the living room table and answered, "No. It was too small for me." He looked at me like he needed more of an explanation, so I went on, "It was too small and too far down on the horizon for me. I just couldn't see it." He looked like he took it personally. He had a disappointed, disapproving look on his face. I looked questioningly at him. And so it is, that they sent Comet Hale Bopp, and I thought that it was 'much' better.

Hale-Bopp was discovered on July 23rd, 1995. Comet Hale-Bopp and the circumstances surrounding Hale Bopp are unquestionably impossible coincidences that will only make sense once you 'know' Hale-Bopp's Story.

These were the signs in the sky. These signs speak for themselves. Wise men and women will understand what they have been talking about.

Impossible coincidences and signs that speak to us through our reality; doing more than just pointing the way to the Living God, they give us the divine opportunity for change. Pay close attention to signs; do not allow them to pass you by, for the opportunity of divine change comes all to seldom.

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Signs In The Sky