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Santa Claus Too

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Original Santa Claus
The Divine Languages First The Good Goes
One day, I opened the Christian Bible and read just this: "First the good goes, then the world blows up, and 'then' the Savior comes flying through the clouds." I also got a cartoonish vision of a big billowy cloud, rushing through the sky with a puffy cloud face, blowing hot air through pursed lips. — It really was quite amusing.

Of those who would believe that they could get something they wanted from something bad happening to God. These same people will believe that they can get something they want from something bad happening to you. Only fools would allow anything bad to happen to their God but it takes an even bigger fool to believe something good could come from it. There is no protection for a soul who has been so deluded. They are as lambs to the slaughter and food for the Gods.

Enlightenment Think For Yourself / Get Out Of Your Own Way
Autonomy and free will are two of the founding principles of creation. A violation could occur when someone asks you to open up and let them in. They will tell you that you're not smart enough to live your own life; that you need them to do the thinking for you. Sound familiar?

There are very few apparent winners with this maneuver. You will find most of them in churches hyping and promoting this foolishness. You will find many more as victims and losers on the streets and in prisons. Most likely nothing will happen but if something does, there is a much higher probability that you will become a drug addict or a pervert, and you will spend the rest of your days wondering why Jesus has forsaken you.

Do not be fooled into believing that the suggestion to give up your autonomy comes from a real god. To solve your problems, come together as a community of men and women, to help each other, leaving no one left out, and you will solve your problems - yourselves.

The Divine Languages Live In Reality / Stay Real
You need to learn how to live before you can live forever. You forge your immortal souls by living many lifetimes; learning how to live. Once again, I've heard that some people believe 'they' are the special exceptions to this. They believe that God is a fool, and that they can beat the system. There is no incentive to beating the system. If you come across a scheme to do so, you can rest assured that it's not real.

You will deal with your problems in this lifetime, in the afterlife, or in the next lifetime, in one way or the other. Failure to understand this concept leads only to tragedy, and suggesting otherwise serves only to lead a people down a path of complacency, towards self annihilation.

Santa Claus
Santa Claus

Santa Claus Too