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Reiki Enlightenment

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Reiki History
Reiki Links First Degree Reiki Credentials
This is the basic course. It includes four energy activations and complete training in scientifically applying this energy to one's ENTIRE being. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. One is taught how to give treatments to others. Instruction includes the 12 Reiki healing positions, positive wellness, balancing energy, achieving wholeness and treating specific disorders with Reiki.

Reiki Links Second Degree Reiki Credentials
Second Degree Reiki is available to those who have received First Degree Reiki certification. Second Degree Reiki includes another level of energy-power activation and a series of power symbols. It teaches how to direct energy on dimensions other than physical. One is taught effective treatment of deeply rooted emotional and mental disorders plus a technique for precise effective absentee/long-distance healing. Second Degree Reiki includes techniques for your own personal growth and transformation.

Reiki Links Reiki Master Credentials
This is Third Degree Reiki and is available to those who have received First & Second Degree Reiki certification. It is restricted to a very few practitioners. It can be taken whether or not one is interested in teaching Reiki to others. Third Degree Reiki includes special energy activation which goes beyond First and Second Degree levels. It includes advanced techniques for activation of energy. Balancing energy for healing, personal growth and transformation, and ultimately, for enlightenment. Third Degree Reiki also provides complete training to teach Reiki seminars to others.

Reiki Links Costs of Reiki Enlightenment
The price should not be too high and varies by instructor. Make sure your instructor is a serious healing practitioner. The system in Reiki with its hierarchy and degrees of learning makes the knowledge exclusive and restricted. However, it takes only hours to learn all of the information relevant to each Reiki degree. Usually this is spread out over 2 afternoons or evenings for First and Second Degrees, and over several days for Third Degree Reiki Master. This includes the Attunement.

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