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Native American Navaho

The Age of Creation
Navaho Indian Stories - The Age of Creation
Native American, American Indian, 5 Navaho Indian Stories from the Navaho's "Ages of Creation." Wonderful timeless Stories of creation. You will love telling your children these American Classics. These are the five stories of the five Worlds: Here are the stories of the Four Dark Worlds and the Fifth, the World we live in. Some medicine men tell us that there are two worlds above us. The first is the World of the Spirits of Living Things. The second is the Place of Melting into One.

The Order of Things
Navaho Indian Stories - The Age of Animal Heroes
Native American, American Indian, 10 Navaho Indian Stories from "The Order of Things" or "The Age of Animal Heroes." Here are ten stories from before the beginning to present day. Stories such as "The Creation of the Sun and Moon," "The Sky and the Earth," "The Mountains Sacred to the Dine," "The Coming of Life and Death," "Old Age and Sickness," "The Order of Things." Read about the Place Where the Most High Power Came Up and much more.

The Age of Gods
Navaho Indian Stories - The Age of Gods
Native American, American Indian, 22 Navaho Indian Stories from the Navaho's "Age of Gods." Including Native American Games and insights into the culture. Wonderful Stories from the Age of Gods that are as timeless as the stories of Hercules and Ulysses. You will love telling your children these American Classics: Stories such as: The Stories of The Twins, The Great Gambler, The People of The Stone Houses, The Origins of Weaving, and the American Indian.

The Wanderings
Navaho Indian Stories - The Wanderings
Native American, American Indian, 26 Navaho Indian Stories direct from "The Wanderings" or the "Age of Patriarchs" Wonderful tales of a rich and full culture, lovingly told in the early part of the nineteenth century by Sandoval, - a Navaho "Keeper of the Stories." You will be enthralled by such stories as, "The Departure of the Holy Beings," "The Coming of the Horses," "The Two Maidens and the White Butterfly," "The Beggar's Son" and many more.

Printable versions are linked at the bottom of each story.

Native American Navaho Myths
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